National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse

This is a comment from the blog I was advised to close to increase my chances of coming back to London when hearing my Application to Set a ‘Penal Notice’ by Mrs Justice Pauffley aside:

You need to be congratulated – there is only one reason there is action in these cases and that is because of people like you…….the world is now awake to the sick practices by a few against children…..

Something had to be done – people have to be held to account – this is only the start …..coverups of child abuse and pedophiles will NOT be tolerated by the public …….

The most important news today was this …..finally someone in a high position of public trust is being held to account …….finally ……..Janner will face justice …whether he does remains to be seen – but at least public pressure has created a demand to do…

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