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(When it comes to his military career)

Whatever Hubbard wants?Hubbard gets.


Time to put my hard work on my new comprehensive timeline to use again! (see Straightening Out The Timeline post).

This is the second post in a series. The first was: Hubbard and the USS Chaumont

This post is a kind of an overview of Hubbard’s entire military career concerning two main points.

The firstpoint is about how every single time someone tried to discipline Hubbard, the only thing that ever really happened was that he had to change assignments.

No court martials.

No demotions.

Not even a Letter of Reprimand or Censure.

The second point is how just about every time Hubbard asked for anything as an assignment? It was approved.

Now, I don’t know about you, but that just doesn’thappen during a war. Not without some serious brownie points at…

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