May 10, 2018

the lethal text

GK DSC_0070

(PHUKET, 2017)

I spend the day writing, and before sunset I drive a couple of miles to Ya Nui, a small beach where I can watch the sun go down. I need to refocus my eyes after hours too close to a screen. Holiday families are packing up and drifting away from the beach. Thai guys and their girlfriends are fishing from the rocks. Sometimes, there’s a bride and groom in full wedding dress, with a camera crew, posing in front of the sea and the sky. Or some dude doing a fire-dance, filmed by an attendant drone. I climb around the rocks to a favourite vantage point near the water, and sit and watch as it gets dark.

Or I drive up into the hills. All along the coast road there are views out over the sea towards the West. I go and see my pals at the elephant…

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